Office: MESOM 155


Course Notes

I take notes using OneNote. You can view my notes for some of my graduate courses via the links below. They probably contain errors, and have not been proofread, so use them at your own risk.

The OneNote Web App leaves a lot to be desired, but it links to the "live" notebook, and it is updated immediately when I take notes. Sometime after the quarter is done, I'll post PDF copies as well as downloadable OneNote notebooks. If you would like a copy sooner, let me know.

Acoustic Waves (SIO 202A)

Winter 2014, taught by Bill Kuperman

Data Analysis (SIO 221A)

Fall 2013, taught by Rob Pinkel

Fluid Mechanics (SIO 214A)

Fall 2013, taught by Myrl Hendershott

Computational Ocean Acoustics (SIO 200A)

Fall 2014, taught by Bill Kuperman

Data Assimilation and Inverse Problems (ECE 295)

Spring 2014, taught by Peter Gerstoft

Methods in Applied Mathematics (MAE 294A / SIO 203A)

Fall 2014

Introduction to Seismology (SIO 227A)

Winter 2014, taught by Peter Shearer